The Shaping of the American Nation



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This outstanding production of feature-film caliber is filmed in actual historical locations, with eminent scholars serving as consultants for accuracy.

The Civil War is over, and Americans are streaming west to claim public land set aside by the Homestead Act. Based on diaries of the time, this stirring dramatization follows the 1869 migration of the George Fowler family, Kansas bound to start a new life farming on the windswept plains. “Lord, what am I gonna do?” Delilah cries when George is suddenly killed by a claim jumper. The widow and her children endure unimaginable hardships wintering in a rude sod house waiting for spring and a return to Pennsylvania. When the harsh winter ends, Delilah has a change of heart and writes in her journal, “We have decided, with God’s help, to make our home in Kansas.”

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Run Time

25 minutes