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How did the Nazis justify their actions to themselves?

"Live inside the monster’s head…" (The New York Post). Eschewing commentary, Kenneth Branagh reads icily from the diaries of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, while rarely seen archival footage illustrates the gulf between the propagandist’s cheery self-portrait and the realities of the Nazi state. Directed by Lutz Hachmeister.

"At a time when much of our news and entertainment media is controlled by a handful of corporations, The Goebbels Experiment is a cautionary reminder that equal access to the machinery of ideas may be society’s most critical goal."
The New York Times

"Live inside the monster’s head…visceral, powerful."
The New York Post

"A fascinating, veritable self-portrait, masterfully culled from a trove of archival materials."
Los Angeles Times

"Weirdly enthralling."
Boston Globe

"Eloquent. Brilliantly edited."
LA Weekly

"Informative and illuminating."
Christian Science Monitor

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First Run


9 and up


Color and black-and-white

Run Time

107 minutes