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The Nystrom Atlas for New York City and Student Activities book help students explore their community and the five boroughs.

They’re also supported by the NYCDOE K–8: Passport to Social Studies, and NYSTAL approved!


  • Explains the basics of interpreting maps and globes
  • Locates NYC in the world, in the U.S., in the Northeast region, and in New York state
  • Gives a survey of New York state’s urban and rural areas
  • Uses the state map to introduce alphanumeric map grids
  • Shows the city’s neighborhoods and suburbs, transportation networks, cultural assets, government, and its changes over time
  • Available for purchase on FAMIS/SHOPDOE

This atlas is most widely used in grade 2. Index. Glossary. 8½" x 11". 48 pages. 2017 updated edition.

Also available:

  • STUDENT ACTIVITIES. Reproducible handouts supported by detailed teaching directions guide the way to close inspection and thoughtful analysis of every two-page spread in the atlas. Answer keys where appropriate.8½" x 11". 93 pages.
  • ATLAS PACK. Comes in two versions: one with 30 atlases and the student activity book, and another that adds a five-year atlas ebook subscription with online activities (license for one teacher and all of that teacher’s students).
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This title is part of the series: THE NYSTROM ATLAS FOR NEW YORK CITY