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Add an exciting digital dimension to The Nystrom Desk Atlas with hundreds of interactive activities—exclusively online—plus electronic versions of the atlas and student activity book.

The complete pack includes 30 atlases, the student activities book, and a 5-year subscription to the e-atlas, activities, and exclusive online content.


30 Nystrom Desk Atlases
A sophisticated reference and teaching tool, this essential 240-page atlas for secondary classrooms engages students with highly visual geography content and powerful perspectives through the Issues Today articles. Students can visualize the world’s lands and peoples, compare continents, and understand environmental, economic, and cultural issues through thematic maps.

Student Activities Book
Give students a richer experience of the Desk Atlas with the 112-page Student Activities book. These reproducible handouts strengthen geography skills, content knowledge, and critical-thinking and information-literacy skills. Intended for grades 6–12 and written at an approachable, ELL-friendly level.

5-Year Digital Access
Support classroom, remote, and blended learning with a 5-year digital subscription. You’ll have access to the Desk Atlas flip-book, downloadable student activities, and interactive lessons. Exclusive online activities push students to think critically and give them opportunities to interpret information from a variety of primary sources.

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