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Ken Burns's affecting seven-part documentary tells the story of World War II through the personal accounts of a handful of men and women from four quintessentially American towns: Luverne, Minnesota; Sacramento, California; Waterbury, Connecticut; and Mobile, Alabama.

Deftly mixing archival film and photographs with moving interviews, the 2007 production covers both iconic events (Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Guadalcanal, the liberation of concentration camps) and the daily lives of a range of people on the homefront—defense workers, schoolchildren, Japanese American internees, and families split apart by the war. Note: contains strong language and violence. (The companion 480-page hardback, written by Burns and historian Geoffrey Ward, expands upon the documentary’s stories and augments them with over 400 photos and maps.) Directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

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This title is part of the series: THE WAR




9 and up


Color and black-and-white

Run Time

Total time: 14 hours



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