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These creative activities focus on major events and personages in world history.

Each of the ten units contains a five- to seven-page Readers Theatre play which can be performed in the classroom, as well as other activities: crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and quizzes. Set I titles: 1) Alexander the Great and the Greeks, 2) Black Death and the End of the Middle Ages, 3) Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration, 4) Robert Clive and Imperialism, 5) Fall of the Bastille and the French Revolution, 6) Napoleon and the French Empire, 7) Giuseppe Garibaldi and Nationalism, 8) Lenin and Trotsky and the Rise of Communism, 9) Winston Churchill and World War II, 10) Hitler and the Rise of Fascism. Set II titles: 1) Hannibal, 2) Julius Caesar, 3) Cortes, 4) Pizarro, 5) Magellan, 6) Drake, 7) da Vinci, 8) Galileo, 9) H. M. Stanley, 10) Shackleton.

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