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COMPLETE SET: 10 PowerPoint® presentations, guides


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Devised according to the "backwards planning" model of curriculum design that emphasizes coming up with assessments before mapping out a course of instruction, these PowerPoint®-based units of 30–60 slides cover key topics in world history and are ideal for introductory overviews or concluding reviews.

Support materials identify "enduring understandings" that students need to come to about the subject (e.g., "The Reformation led to a century or more of intense religious rivalry and warfare.") and "essential questions" that will guide them to these understandings and focus their learning (e.g., "Why did nationalist movements rise in Europe in the early 19th century?"). Each unit is housed in a perfectbound booklet which holds the PowerPoint® presentation, complete lecture notes, activities, student handouts that facilitate note taking, at least three authentic assessments, and a 20-question multiple-choice quiz.

Titles in this set:

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