Missouri educators have needs that are unique and different from other states. That’s why we made this page just for you and your needs as a social studies professional.

February 23-24, 2024
Missouri Council for Social Studies
Session 1
Seeing Is Believing: Developing Visual Literacy Skills to Support Student Learning
"Texas" Meeting Room

Learn more about engaging products made specifically for your state.

Missouri Desk Map

Packs of 30 double-sided, laminated, markable desk maps give students a detailed look at their state. Includes a detailed political map on one side and either a physical or unlabeled map on the other. All maps include a variety of thematic insets showing population density, land use, annual precipitation and more. Desk maps come with a 16-page teacher’s guide with reproducible handout.

Missouri Shaded Relief Map

This full-color state map includes shaded-relief topography, county names and borders, major and capital cities, main rivers, and other large bodies of water. It includes insets providing a state flag, a locator map (within North America), a table of statistics, and text with high-interest historical, anecdotal, and geographical information.

Missouri State Map

Inset graphs and/or thematic maps provide information about such topics as population, land use, growing seasons, or other topics important to your state. Three configurations are available: one state map; a state, U.S., and world map combination set; and a state, U.S., world map combination with a 16″ political raised-relief globe.

Discover More Professional Learning Opportunities

Social Studies School Service utilizes district goals and data to personalize supports, and to develop and facilitate professional learning opportunities that build capacity around instructional practice, resource implementation, teacher transfer, and social studies leaderships.

Meet your state curriculum specialist
Charlie Murphy
Missouri Curriculum Specialist
I love Social Studies, it was my favorite subject throughout school! I’ve been surrounded by teachers in my family; 2 sisters, 3 in-laws, mother in-law, and my wife who taught Social Studies in public and private high schools after her career as an attorney as a way to ‘pass it forward’. I graduated from the University of Rockhurst with a BSBA and captained the tennis team for all years. In addition to my love of working with teachers and students, I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy the camaraderie of a competitive USTA tennis match, but also the calming natural beauty of a misty farm pond with the ever joyful hope of catching a big bass. My wife and I love traveling, meeting new people from all walks of life, and learning from those shared experiences.