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New Hampshire

New Hampshire educators have needs that are unique and different from other states. That’s why we made this page just for you and your needs as a social studies professional.

New Hampshire Council for Social Studies

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Social Studies School Service utilizes district goals and data to personalize supports, and to develop and facilitate professional learning opportunities that build capacity around instructional practice, resource implementation, teacher transfer, and social studies leaderships.

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Cindy Gosser
New Hampshire Curriculum Specialist
I am lucky enough to have been working with social study educators my entire career. I have found they are a remarkable, passionate group of people. It all started in 7th grade when I fell in love with all things history. I graduated from Ball State University with a Business degree and went to work for the social studies publisher, George F. Cram Inc. After they were acquired and merged with Nystrom in 2004, I merged with them. I enjoy reading, scrapbooking and visiting friends but for the most part, I find I spend most of my time trying to keep up with my 4 teenagers. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.