Tennessee educators have needs that are unique and different from other states. That’s why we made this page just for you and your needs as a social studies professional.

March 2-3, 2023
Tennessee Council for the Social Studies

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Tennessee Political Map

This full-featured state map is political with shaded relief; it shows county boundaries, major transportation routes, points of interest, physical features, and capital, major, and sizable cities with population ranges indicated by type size and/or symbol size.

Tennessee/Kentucky State Map

Inset graphs and/or thematic maps provide information about such topics as population, land use, growing seasons, or other topics important to your state. Three configurations are available: one state map; a state, U.S., and world map combination set; and a state, U.S., world map combination with a 16″ political raised-relief globe.

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Social Studies School Service utilizes district goals and data to personalize supports, and to develop and facilitate professional learning opportunities that build capacity around instructional practice, resource implementation, teacher transfer, and social studies leaderships.

Meet your state curriculum specialist
Summer Carter
Tennessee Curriculum Specialist
Social studies has always been my passion. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in Education focusing on secondary social studies, I taught high school economics and world history. I was using Nystrom’s Atlas of World History in my classroom when the opportunity arose to help support fellow educators by providing materials that make kids love social studies. It is a sweet blessing this cartophile found a career working with maps! My son, who is in elementary school, and I live in Ft. Worth, TX. We love to travel together, play guitar, and stay involved in our church.